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Character Art Commissions

Current Status:

December 24, 2023

New samples and

Updated Pricing

June 26, 2022

​Page Launch and Commissions Open

Portrait Bust

  • 21x21 cm

  • Black and White - 20+ USD

  • Colored - 30+ USD

Half Body

  • A4 size

  • Black and White - 40+ USD

  • Colored - 50+ USD

Info and Usage

Full Body

  • A4 size

  • Black and White - 60+ USD

  • Colored - 80+ USD


  • Complementary simple gradient or textured background upon request.

  • Prices vary based on complexity, props, pets, detailed backgrounds, or additional characters.

  • I can do artistically sexy character designs but won't do softcore and NSFW themes.
  • If you'd like a style or format not included in this list, contact me anyway and we can discuss!

What You'll Get

  • High res (300dpi) JPG

  • Web-friendly (72dpi, 1080p) JPG image

  • Optional PNG file with a transparent background

Terms of Service


  • Character Illustrations are for the client's personal non-profit use.

  • Alterations allowed are: cropping, adding text, adding or changing backgrounds but again, only for personal non-profit use. For non-colored art, you can also recolor it yourself or commission another artist for color. If you do any of these, you’re not allowed to claim artistic credit for the art I originally worked on.

  • Do not sell or redistribute.

  • Commercial use like branding or merchandise can be granted for an additional fee.

Terms of Service

Before I start drawing anything...

  • Express your interest in commissioning me via the contact form or my email.

  • Further communications can be done via Twitter or Discord but I will follow up via email for proper record keeping.

  • Through those channels, we can discuss the details of the commission, share reference images, set a timeframe and agree upon a final commission price. A thorough description of your request would be preferable.

  • You may also request any modifications to my terms (e.g. you would like commercial use of the art; or you would prefer a sketch or no shading thus a deduction to the price)

  • Payment upfront unless the price is 100USD and above, then you may request a down payment.

  • Payment will be made through Paypal. Please wait for a Paypal Invoice before initiating a transaction with me.

During the Commission...

  • The commission will be started upon confirmation of the payment.

  • I'll be sending watermarked works-in-progress (WIP) for your feedback and approval then let you know when I can send the next WIP.

  • The stages of my process are usually:

    1. thumbnail options

    2. sketch

    3. lineart

    4. rough colors, with multiple options if necessary

    5. render - color, shading and final touches


  • Minor revisions like tweaks and slight adjustments are fine on any stage.

  • Maximum of 2 major revisions until rough colors are approved.

  • Major revisions are considered as drastic alterations that will take up more time than usual. (e.g. changing the character's pose)

  • Excess revisions will require an additional fee to be discussed and agreed upon.


  • Payment is non-refundable once I've started working on your commission.

  • If I'm forced to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances on my side, you may receive a partial refund based on the progress and the current WIP image.

  • If I haven't started on the commission, you may receive a full refund if you wish to cancel.

Contact Form

After your approval of the final artwork...

  • The deliverable files will be sent with no watermarks upon completion of payment.

  • Any revision after will require a new fee depending on the complexity of the alterations.

  • You retain the rights to your character, brand and IP.

  • I retain the rights to the artwork and WIPs. I may use these images for self-promotion or portfolio purposes. You may request to keep the commission private up to a certain date (e.g. vtuber's debut date) or in perpetuity.

Commission Contact Form

Fill this up or send an email directly to

Thanks for submitting! Will get back to you soon

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